Daily Wear Contact Lenses

Contact lenses are classified by material and by wearing schedule. When people refer to "daily wear contact lenses" they are talking about contacts that need to be removed, cleaned, and stored overnight.

What are daily wear contact lenses?

Daily wear contact lenses are soft contact lenses that are worn daily and removed prior to sleeping. They can be reused for weeks; the exact number of weeks depends on the manufacturer.

Daily wear contacts are made of polymer plastic materials that make them soft and flexible. These lenses are gas permeable, which means oxygen can pass through to the cornea for easy wear and higher comfort.

Why are daily wear contact lenses used?

Daily wear soft contact lenses are preferred by most people who wear contacts because they are the most comfortable option for correcting vision. These lenses are flexible, which makes it easier for the eyes to adjust to wearing them. They are ideal for people who are active since there is less likelihood that they will slip out of place.

People have the option of choosing extended wear contact lenses, which can be worn without removal for up to a week. However, the risk of eye infections increase with extended use of contact lenses; as a result, many people prefer the traditional daily wear lenses that are removed and cleaned at night.

Benefits of daily wear contact lenses

Daily wear contact lenses are comfortable and can even be worn during rigorous athletic activities. When it comes to choosing between daily wear contacts, disposable contacts, and extended use contacts, many people opt for daily wear contacts because they are often the most affordable option. One of the benefits of daily wear contact lenses is that they must be cleaned and removed at night; this actually reduces the risk of eye infections from extended use.

Speak to your eye doctor to determine if daily wear contact lenses are the best solution for your lifestyle.


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