Vision Therapy

You may have seen advertisements for "vision therapy" and eye exercises that help you get rid of your glasses. However, these claims are typically not made by eye-care professionals and are not true vision therapy.

True vision therapy, sometimes referred to as behavioral optometry or developmental optometry, is administered by an optometrist and is not used to treat refract errors. Rather, vision therapy is used to treat:

  • Binocular vision problems, including amblyopia (lazy eye) and strabismus (crossed eyes) 
  • Eye movement disorders 
  • Focusing disorders 
  • Vision problems related to stroke or other brain injury

If your vision problems require vision therapy, your optometrist may prescribe:

  • In-office Vision Therapy 
  • Vision Exercises

Your eye doctor may also utilize a combination of in-office therapy and vision exercises to help improve your vision. Speak with an optometrist to determine if vision therapy can help you or a family member.

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