Single Use (Daily Disposable) Contact Lenses

Millions of Americans require some type of vision correction, and many rely on contact lenses. There are countless contact lens options available for people with refractive errors, but the most popular are daily use disposable contact lenses. Most consumers prefer disposable contact lenses because of their convenience and overall health benefits.

What are single use contact lenses?

Single use contact lenses are disposable lenses that are worn once and replaced each day. These contact lenses come packaged for a single day's use. You place the lenses in your eyes in the morning, then remove and discard them at night when you go to sleep.

Some disposable contact lenses are made of the same materials as traditional lenses, and others are made of new materials developed specifically for their disposability. These contact lenses can be manufactured at high volume and low cost. They are just as effective as regular lenses without the inconvenience of daily cleaning.

Why are single use contact lenses used?

Eye care professionals recommend daily use contact lenses because they are more convenient than multi-use lenses and are better for the eyes.

No need for daily cleaning
One of the issues with traditional contact lenses is that they require daily cleaning. This is both inconvenient and costly when you consider the quantity of cleaning materials consumers have to invest in over a lifetime.

Health concerns
There is also the issue of health; proteins, calcium, and other substances can build up on contact lenses over time, making them less comfortable and increasing the risk of eye infections.

Daily use contact lenses have less health risk and require no cleaning, making them a favorite among many contact lens users.

Benefits of single use contact lenses

Anyone who has worn contact lenses for an extended period knows that caring for and maintaining them is both frustrating and time consuming. With daily use contact lenses, there is no ongoing maintenance required. These lenses also feel more comfortable because there is no accumulation of lens deposits. This is why eye care professionals recommend daily use lenses and why consumers value them for their convenience and health benefits.

Talk to your optometrist about the option of disposable contact lenses.


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