Aspheric Eyewear

Aspheric eyewear is smaller and lighter than traditional eyewear. Conventional eyeglass lenses have a curved shape that resembles a sphere. The curve remains consistent across the entire surface of the lens. Aspheric lenses are unique in that the angle and profile of the lenses are not a sphere or a cylinder. Instead, aspheric lenses have a more complex curve that is flatter and slimmer.

Why is aspheric eyewear used?

The slimmer and flatter profile of aspheric eyewear makes it a more attractive option for people who suffer from refractive error, particularly those with farsightedness. One of the drawbacks of normal lenses designed to correct farsightedness is that they are thick and tend to bulge out in the middle. This produces an unattractive magnification of the eyes. The use of aspheric lenses can eliminate this problem.

The slimmer shape of aspheric lenses also allows glasses to rest closer to the face. This is a benefit for anyone with a strong lens prescription. The aspheric lenses reduce any unwanted magnification or minimization effects, providing a much more natural view of the world.

Benefits of aspheric eyewear

The primary benefit of aspheric lenses is cosmetic; they not only look better than traditional lenses, they also reduce some of the unwanted visual side effects that result from wearing thick corrective lenses. Aspheric lenses do not compromise vision in any manner, which means they are an excellent option for anyone who wants to transition to lighter, slimmer eyewear.

If you are unhappy with the thickness or bulging of your current lens, you may benefit from aspheric eyewear. Schedule an appointment with your optometrist to find out if you can replace your current lenses with aspheric eyewear.


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