Hi-Index AR Lenses

Hi-index AR lenses are made of advanced plastic materials that are thinner and lighter than conventional lenses and have an anti-reflective coating to reduce glare. The AR coating is applied to both the inside and outside of the lens to reduce the amount of light reflected from either side.

What hi-index AR lenses treat

Hi-index AR lenses are most commonly used to treat individuals with extreme farsightedness or nearsightedness. Unlike conventional lenses, hi-index AR lenses are compact and aesthetically pleasing which makes them especially appealing for those who require high-strength prescription lenses to see clearly. The anti-reflective coating of hi-index AR lenses also reduces glare which can help you to achieve sharper vision.

Benefits of hi-index AR lenses

Hi-index AR lenses are both thinner and lighter than conventional lenses. The aspheric design of these lenses also allows them to sit closer to the face for a sleek appearance. And they are available in a variety of stylish frames. This makes them especially appealing for those who require high-strength prescription lenses to see clearly and are tired of wearing eyeglasses with thick, heavy conventional lenses. The anti-reflective coating also reduces glare by blocking reflected light, which is especially beneficial for those who drive at night.

Problems with hi-index AR lenses

The anti-reflective coating on hi-index AR lenses is more susceptible to scratches. To avoid scratches when cleaning these lenses, it is important to use a cleaning solution rather than just a dry cloth. However, harsh chemicals in some cleaning solutions can damage the anti-reflective coating, so be sure to only use products recommended by your eye care professional.

Another thing to consider is the cost. Hi-index AR lenses are typically more expensive than conventional lenses. While individuals who have a strong lens prescription may find the thinner design and reduced weight of hi-index AR lenses to be well worth the additional cost, they may not be right for everyone.

Contact an eye care professional to find out more about hi-index lenses. He or she can help you determine whether they are the right lenses to meet your needs.


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