Hi-Index Lenses

Hi-index lenses are thinner and lighter than conventional lenses and are available for most prescriptions. While conventional lenses are made from glass or plastic, hi-index lenses are made from advanced plastic materials. These advanced materials are able to refract light more efficiently so they require less material than conventional lenses to achieve the same lens magnification. This allows them to be both thinner and lighter, for a more aesthetically pleasing appearance and improved comfort.

What hi-index lenses treat

Hi-index lenses can correct vision for almost anyone who needs eyeglasses. However, they are most commonly used to treat individuals who have severe farsightedness or nearsightedness. Such individuals require strong prescription lenses, which used to mean thicker, heavier lenses. However, with the advanced technology of hi-index lenses, even those with higher strength prescriptions can wear eyeglasses that are sleek, light and stylish.

Benefits of hi-index lenses

Hi-index lenses provide a slimmer appearance than conventional lenses and are significantly lighter since less material is needed to achieve the same prescription. The aspheric shape of hi-index lenses also results in flatter curves which reduces the bug-eyed look or small appearance of eyes which is common when individuals with strong lens prescriptions wear conventional lenses.

Problems with hi-index lenses

Hi-index lenses are more susceptible to reflective glare, which may be irritating to the eyes and make driving at night difficult. However, this can be corrected by having an anti-reflective (AR) coating applied to the lenses. Another thing to consider is the cost since hi-index lenses are more expensive than conventional lenses. This cost can also increase if an anti-reflective coating or other coating options are added.

Contact your eye doctor to learn more about hi-index lenses and other lens options. An eye care professional will be able to help you find a pair of glasses that will fit both your lifestyle and your budget.


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