Prescription Sunglasses

Sunglasses provide practical benefits like glare reduction and protection from eyestrain and eye fatigue. Virtually everyone carries around a pair of sunglasses to shield their eyes from the harmful rays of the sun. People with refractive error have the option of purchasing sunglass lenses that clip on to their prescription lenses, but these clip-ons can be a hassle and are they are not exactly the most attractive eyewear option. That is why most people end up investing in a pair of prescription sunglasses.

What are prescription sunglasses?

Prescription sunglasses are sunglasses that have a corrective prescription built into the lenses. They provide protection from the sun and glare and help people see clearly outdoors. Sunglasses can accommodate virtually any type of lens prescription, including progressive prescriptions for people with presbyopia. They come in an array of styles and materials; the choices of frames are the same as with non-prescription sunglasses.

One of the most popular types of prescription sunglasses are photocromic glasses, or transition lenses. These clear glasses are designed to gradually darken when exposed to light and lose their tint indoors.

Why are prescription sunglasses used?

For anyone with vision problems who wants to see clearly outdoors and protect their eyes from the sun, all without sacrificing their fashion sense, prescription sunglasses are the best option.

Prescription sunglasses provide clear vision with the added benefit of protection against UV rays. Prescription sunglasses make participating in outdoor activities much easier and safer for your eyes.

Benefits of prescription sunglasses

Eyewear has come a long way since the days of clip-on sunglass lenses. Prescription sunglasses are now widely available in the latest styles, materials, and colors. People with vision problems no longer have to sacrifice their appearance to protect their eyes from the sun.

Prescription sunglasses have the following benefits:

  • UV protection 
  • Better visibility when driving 
  • Clear vision outdoors 
  • Glare reduction 
  • Less squinting and eyestrain 
  • Protection from the elements

To have your prescription added to sunglasses, schedule an appointment with your optometrist today.


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