Designer Frames

For most people, one of the most important parts of choosing a new pair of eyeglasses is finding a frame that looks good and fits their personality and style. Eyeglasses are available in a variety of shapes and sizes to suit each individual's taste. It is not always easy to find the right frame, but the good news is that there are thousands of designs to choose from, including innovative, stylish frames from high-end designers.

What are designer frames?

Prescription glasses are not just used to correct vision; they have become a major part of personal image and expression. Eyewear became a fashion accessory in the 1950s. Prior to that time, opticians carried just a few eyeglass frames and styles for men and women to choose from. As eyewear designs started to evolve, it was only a matter of time before some of the more well-known fashion houses began to design frames for their wealthy clientele. Now virtually every major designer across the world has a line of custom eyewear, including both sunglasses and prescription eyeglass frames.

Why are designer frames worn?

Designer eyeglasses are becoming popular as a premium fashion accessory. Some of the hottest designers are now coming out with eyeglass lines, including: 

  • Prada 
  • Versace 
  • Gucci 
  • Chanel 
  • Marc Jacobs 
  • Valentino 
  • Coach 
  • Dolce & Gabbana

For people who are fashion conscious and who want to invest in a pair of eyeglasses that fits their evolving style, designer eyeglasses are the best option.

Benefits of designer frames

Designer eyeglass frames are not just worn for their fashion and brand name value. Lenses from top designers are often made of better materials than non-designer frames, making them more durable and long lasting. These frames also feature much sleeker designs that can literally transform a person's appearance.


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