Flexible Frames

Are you concerned with breaking or damaging your eyeglasses? If so, you should look into purchasing eyeglasses with flexible frames. Flexible eyeglass frames are made with composite metal alloys that allow for remarkable bendability. These lenses twist and bend then pop back into their original shape when released.

What are flexible frames?

Flexible eyeglass frames, or metal memory frames, are metal eyeglass frames that can be twisted, bent, and crushed without breaking or losing their original shape. These types of frames are made of high tech composite materials and metal alloys, usually titanium. They are much lighter and more durable than traditional metal eyeglass frames and can withstand more abuse.

Why are flexible frames worn?

Flexible eyeglass frames are ideal for people who live an active lifestyle. Anyone who is afraid of damaging their eyeglasses, snapping the frames, breaking the bridge, or bending the legs of their glasses can benefit from flexible eyewear. Also, because flexible frames can rebound from all sorts of physical abuse, they are an excellent option for children's eyewear.

Benefits of flexible frames

Compared to other types of eyeglass frame materials, flexible frames are much more durable and lightweight. One of the reasons they are so popular is because they allow eyeglass wearers to have comfort and freedom. With flexible eyewear, there is no need to worry about replacing frames every time you fall asleep with your eyeglasses on, sit on your eyeglasses, or drop them on the ground.

Problems associated with flexible frames

Of course, one of the limitations of flexible eyewear is that this new technology will only protect the frames of the glasses. Glass lenses will still shatter upon impact. The key is to invest in flexible frames with polycarbonate lenses, which are much more impact resistant than glass lenses and less likely to break.


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