Kids Frames

When choosing eyeglass frames for a child, it is important to look for frames that are sturdy, lightweight, and impact-resistant. There are plenty of different styles of children's eyeglass frames to choose from, so with a little effort, you and your child are sure to find a frame that you both love.

What are kids frames?

There are countless types of specialty eyewear available for people of all ages, and children are no exception. Children's eyeglass frames are fun to shop for; there are hundreds of different styles and materials available for children to choose from, including brands based on popular children's characters and more grown up styles for older children. Children's eyeglass frames can be crafted from materials that make them extremely durable and safe for everyday wear. There are even flexible frames available that can take all sorts of abuse from a child and still bounce back into their original shape.

Why are kids frames worn?

Children need to wear specialty eyeglass frames because most standard adult frames would be far too large or uncomfortable for a child. Here are just a few things to consider when selecting eyeglasses frames for your child: 

  • Strong and flexible frame materials combined with impact-resistant polycarbonate lenses will work best for an active child. 
  • Spring hinges will improve a frame's durability. 
  • Cable temples are necessary for children with a strong prescription. 
  • Titanium is a great frame material choice for kids because it is strong and lightweight.

Benefits of kids frames

Children's eyeglass frames are designed to be comfortable, lightweight, and fun. The benefit of having an eyeglass frame designed specifically to fit children is that a child will be much more likely to wear the glasses, especially if they were involved in the process of choosing the design of the frames. Properly fitting eyewear is essential for good performance in a classroom setting. The more comfortable and fun eyeglasses are for a child, the more likely it is they will adapt quickly to corrective eyewear.


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