Men's Frames

Eyeglass frames may be designed for women, men, or as unisex frames to fit both genders. Comfort is usually a priority when it comes to eyeglass frames for men. That is not to say that men are not concerned with style and aesthetics, but they are unlikely to choose ill-fitting frames simply because they look good. For most men, the ideal eyeglasses frames will combine comfort, durability, and style.

What are men's frames?

There are some subtle differences between eyeglass frames designed specifically for men and frames designed for women. Men's frames are usually larger and wider, with a longer bridge and temples. Frames designed for men come in all shapes, but most men prefer square and rectangular shaped frames. Color is another factor; most frames designed for men come in neutral or dark colors.

Why are men's frames worn?

Unisex frames are designed to be worn by both men and women, but men who invest in unisex frames may find that the fit and style is not what they are looking for. Frames designed specifically for men tend to accommodate larger head sizes and wider faces. Men's frames come in more masculine designs that appeal to a broad range of age groups; they can also be customized with impact-resistant lenses and anti-reflective coatings for use outdoors and during athletic activities.

Benefits of men's frames

The benefit of men's eyeglass frames is that they combine durability and comfort without sacrificing style. Though there are a variety of unisex eyeglass frame options to choose from, only men's frames accommodate the subtle differences between men and women's facial shapes and fit requirements. These lenses come in a variety of classic shapes and designs as well as new lightweight and flexible materials for enhanced durability.


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