Oval Frames

When it comes to choosing eyeglass frames, function and comfort are a priority. Another important aspect of selecting the right frames is finding a shape that flatters your appearance. One of the most universally flattering frame designs is oval-shaped frames.

Why choose oval frames?

Oval is a classic and contemporary shape for eyeglass frames. The rule of thumb when it comes to choosing frame shapes is that the frame should be in contrast with the shape of the face. As a result, oval eyeglass frames tend to look best on people with a square; heart-shaped; or diamond-shaped face (as long as the lenses are not too small).

Square faces have a broad forehead and strong jaw line, and the width and length of the face are in the same proportion. Narrow oval frames can soften the angles of a square face and make the face look longer.

Heart-shaped faces are characterized by a small, pointy chin and a wide forehead. Oval frames are usually the most flattering shape for heart-shaped faces because they soften angular features.

Diamond-shaped faces have broad cheekbones and narrow at the eye line and jaw line. Oval frames can help to soften the cheekbones and highlight the eyes.

Benefits of oval frames

Anyone with angular facial features will look good in oval frames. Oval shaped eyeglass frames can soften the appearance of a square chin and jaw line and highlight certain features to enhance facial proportion. Oval frames come in a variety of colors and materials and can be fitted with any type of lens prescription.

Oval is a classic design that will never go out of style, so you can feel confident choosing oval frames when investing in prescription eyewear.


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