Protective Sports Eyewear

Each year, thousands of people suffer sports-related eye injuries. Any sport that involves balls, rackets, and physical contact poses a risk of eye injury. The good news is that using protective eyewear during athletic activities is now the norm. Coaches, parents, and players have all accepted that eyewear protects athletes during competition and can enhance visual performance.

What is protective sports eyewear?

Protective sports eyewear includes any type of goggles, sunglasses, or facial mask that is designed to protect eyes during sports. Protective eyewear can be seen on virtually anyone competing in a sport with a ball or racket, including everyone from professionals to weekend warriors.

Protective eyewear for athletes comes in a variety of shapes and sizes. Some protective eyewear wraps around the face, some has extra padding, and some are even designed to fit inside helmets. Athletic eyewear is usually made of impact resistant material that is lightweight, durable, scratch-resistant, and has UV protection. This type of eyewear can be made with both prescription and non-prescription lenses.

Why is protective eyewear used by athletes?

Virtually every sport poses some sort of danger or risk to participants and players. Sports that involve balls, rackets, flying objects, and physical contact have a high risk of eye injury. Players are at risk of being hit in the eye with a ball travelling anywhere from 50 to 200 miles per hour. They also risk being hit with a racket or being jabbed or poked with a finger, elbow, or shoulder. Even the most innocuous sounding sports, like swimming, pose a high risk of eye injury from contact with fellow athletes. The use of protective eyewear can virtually eliminate the risk of eye injuries during competition.

Benefits of protective eyewear for athletes

The primary reason athletes wear protective eyewear is to prevent eye injury. However, protective eyewear has another important benefit: it can enhance performance. Most athletes know that sharp vision is a key component of their performance. For people with refractive error, protective prescription eyewear can protect their eyes and enhance their vision.


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