Small Eyeglass Frames

When it comes to the function and appearance of eyeglasses, it is not all about frame materials and shape. It is important to find glasses that are the right size. For many, small eyeglass frames are the best choice to meet their eyewear needs.

Why choose small eyeglass frames?

These days, eyeglasses have two purposes: to improve vision and to enhance appearance. Eyeglasses have not always been a fashion accessory, but with the hundreds of designs, shapes, and styles of glasses to choose from, it is now easy to find eyewear that corrects vision and also flatters appearance.

When choosing the size and shape of frames, it is important to take into account facial proportion as well as facial shape. People with small heads should always choose small eyeglass frames that are no wider than the widest part of their face. Large lenses can make heads look disproportionately small. For men with facial hair, smaller lenses are recommended because they will not mask facial features.

Small eyeglass lenses are also ideal for people with strong prescriptions. Small eyeglass frames feature smaller lenses and wider bridge widths, which makes thick lenses far less noticeable.

Benefits of small eyeglass frames

Small eyeglass frames are a stylish option, particularly for people who do not want to hide behind their lenses.

Smaller frames are: 

  • Light
  • Comfortable 
  • Easy to store

They flatter virtually every face type and are more inconspicuous than larger eyeglass frames. For people with smaller sized heads, small frames provide the best fit.


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