Square Frames

Instead of trying on every frame type available, it is best to select a frame shape that is in contrast to your facial shape. For this reason, people with rounder or oblong faces should always choose a square or rectangular eyeglass frame.

Why choose square eyeglass frames?

Square, round, oval, and rectangular frames can all be fitted with prescription lenses of varying strengths. There are very few limitations when it comes to choosing a frame shape. That being said, certain styles of glasses compliment certain types of face shapes. The key to finding a flattering pair of eyeglasses is to choose a frame shape that enhances appearance without overemphasizing certain facial features.

Square eyeglass frames can help make a round face appear thinner and can balance out an oblong face. Square frames are ideal for people with softer, rounded features who want to create a more angular facial appearance. People with square and heart-shaped faces should avoid wearing square lenses as they can end up overemphasizing the cheekbones, chin, and a prominent jaw.

Benefits of square eyeglass frames

Square, round, or oval? It is always hard to choose between different frame designs and shapes. The benefit of choosing square eyeglass frames is that the shape is classic, widely available, and will work for the most common face shape, oval faces. To find out if square frames are ideal for you, talk to your optician and try on a few square frame designs at an optical store.


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