Titanium Frames

Titanium eyeglass frames are thin, lightweight and durable. This same material is used in aircrafts, armored vehicles and orthopedic implants.

Why titanium frames are used

Due to their strength and durability, titanium frames are often recommended for individuals with active lifestyles or children who may be more likely to break frames made of plastic and other less durable materials.

All-titanium frames are also hypoallergenic, which makes them a great option for individuals who want metal frames but are allergic to other metals, like nickel. Those who have metal allergies should be sure to look for all-titanium frames, as opposed to titanium alloy frames. Titanium alloy is not 100% titanium, but rather a combination of titanium and other metals, and may cause an adverse reaction in those with metal allergies.

Benefits of titanium frames

Titanium frames are a great option for those who want a pair of glasses that will last a while and do not want to purchase new frames every year or two. Titanium frames are durable enough to withstand everyday use from those with active lifestyles, but they are also lightweight and comfortable. In fact, because they are thin and lightweight, titanium frames can provide the perfect complement to high-index lenses, which are thinner and lighter than conventional lenses.

Titanium frames typically come in their natural silver-gray color, which is both modern and stylish. The modern look of titanium makes it a popular frame material for those who need corrective lenses. And, unlike other metals, titanium is not affected by water, humidity or salt so the frames will not rust. This makes them particularly beneficial for those who spend time near water or live in humid or coastal climates.

Problems with titanium frames

While strength and durability are appealing qualities of titanium frames, it also makes them difficult to repair if they break. A special welding process is needed to repair the frames and in some cases even this is unsuccessful and the frames are deemed irreparable.

The other drawback of titanium frames is that they are more expensive than frames made from other materials. However, for those who do not have metal allergies, titanium alloy frames can provide similar benefits and may be purchased at a lower cost.


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