Unisex Frames

Unisex eyeglass frames are frames that appeal to both men and women. They are typically made of either metal or plastic, come in a neutral color, and have a basic rectangular or oval shape. While many unisex frames do not have much detail or styling that stands out, some have a more unique shape or designs at the temples. Since these frames are not particularly feminine or masculine they can be worn by either gender.

Why unisex frames are used

Unisex frames can be used to treat both men and women who need prescription lenses to correct their vision. These frames are often used for everyday wear to correct near and distance vision. However, unisex frames are also used in specialty eyewear and may be specifically designed for computer use, driving, or sports activities. While the prescription lenses used in specialty eyewear are what actually correct vision errors, the frame design is also important. For instance, unisex frames used in sports eyewear are designed to be more durable and protect the eyes from injury.

Benefits of unisex frames

The main benefit of unisex frames is that they never really go out of style because they don't particularly stand out or follow the latest trends. And because they come in simple designs, basic shapes, and neutral colors, they are great for everyday wear. They are designed to shape your face and look attractive without taking away from the rest of your style so they can go with any outfit whether it's formal or casual.


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