Women's Frames

Eyewear is important to correct vision errors and protect the eyes. However, just because there are practical reasons for wearing eyeglasses, it does not mean the eyewear cannot be fashionable. At the very least, many women seek eyewear that complements their facial features, not detracts from them. For most female users of eyewear, the ideal eyeglass frames are the perfect balance of comfort, style, and durability.

What are women's frames?

Some eyeglass frames are designed to be gender-neutral. Other frames are designed primarily for a particular sex. Women's eyeglass frames are available in various shapes, colors, and styles.

To best fit the size and shape of women's faces, these frames tend to be smaller and narrower than men's eyeglass frames. Also, unlike the neutral colors of most men's frames, women's eyeglass frames come in a larger variety of colors.

Why are women's frames worn?

Comfort and fit are a large reason why women choose gender-specific frames instead of unisex frames. Another main reason for choosing women's frames is style. By using eyeglasses as an accessory, a woman can match her frames to her: 

  • Personality 
  • Hair and skin color 
  • Facial shape 
  • Lifestyle

Benefits of women's frames

The benefit of women's eyeglass frames is that they: 

  • Provide a comfortable fit 
  • Can be used as a fashion accessory 
  • Compliment facial features

Women's eyeglass frames come in a variety of classic shapes and designs as well as new lightweight and flexible materials for enhanced durability.


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