Diving Masks

A good mask is essential for scuba diving and snorkeling. Proper diving masks can make the difference between a great diving experience and a difficult diving experience. People with nearsightedness, farsightedness, and astigmatism are unable to wear glasses under a diving mask, but they have the option of obtaining a specialized mask that has been fitted with prescription lenses.

What is a diving mask?

A diving mask is a piece of diving equipment that allows snorkelers, scuba divers, and free divers to see clearly underwater. Diving masks consist of a lens made of tempered glass, a silicone rubber skirt, a retaining strap, and a frame. All diving masks are designed to cover the eyes and nose; this provides divers with a way to equalize pressure inside the mask. The mask covers the nose so divers can inhale and exhale to adjust pressure. A properly fitted diving mask will also protect a diver’s face in case of an accident and help a diver equalize pressure when descending and ascending from the ocean.

Prescription diving masks are similar to regular diving masks; the only difference is that either the front of the mask is a prescription lens or corrective lenses have been inserted between the mask and the eyes. A good prescription diving mask will allow divers to see clearly and will fit securely with no leaks.

Why are diving masks used?

The human eye is unable to focus underwater; by providing air space in front of the eyes, diving masks allow the eyes to see clearly. Of course, people with refractive error who have a hard time seeing without prescription eyewear will face the same problems underwater.

Divers need to be able to see clearly at all times in order to protect their safety and read their instruments. It is possible to wear corrective contact lenses underwater, but if it becomes necessary to remove the mask, the lenses may be lost. The best option for people with refractive error is to invest in a prescription diving mask. That way if the mask begins to leak they can remove it without any problems.

Benefits of diving masks

Diving masks give people with or without refractive error the confidence to explore underwater. They are designed to give people the same vision underwater that they would have on land.


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