Safety Glasses

Each year, more than a million people injure their eyes at work, at home, or during sporting activities. Experts estimate that safety glasses and goggles could prevent nearly 90 percent of these eye injuries.

What are safety glasses?

Safety glasses are a type of protective eyewear consisting of a safety frame and lens. Safety frames are different from regular glasses; they are designed to be sturdier than fashion and corrective eyewear and will not bend or break easily. The safety lenses are made from a polycarbonate material that can withstand high heat, pressure, and impact. Some safety glasses come with side shields to protect against flying objects, debris, and chemicals. They may also come with or without prescription lenses.

Why are safety glasses needed?

Safety glasses should be worn at all times by anyone who works with: 

  • High heat 
  • Power tools 
  • Chemicals 
  • Saws 
  • Welding materials

Close-fitting safety glasses or goggles can limit exposure to: 

  • Sparks 
  • Metal 
  • Airborne toxins 
  • Flyaway particles of wood and dust

Safety glasses should be used at home when working with chemicals or on home construction projects of any kind. Goggles are also recommended when operating a lawn mower and any other landscaping or power tools.

Benefits of safety glasses

Safety glasses are more durable than other forms of eyewear and they provide much needed protection from eye injuries sustained in the home and workplace. Even the smallest particles that enter the eye can tear the epithelium and cause permanent eye damage. Safety glasses protect the eyes from sparks and flames, harmful chemicals, and particles of wood and dust.

Virtually anyone can benefit from owning a pair of safety glasses. Whether you are doing yard work or helping your child with a chemistry experiment, safety glasses are necessary in every household.


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