Shooting Glasses

Shooting is a hazardous pastime; nearly 30,000 people suffer firearm-related eye injuries each year. Eye protection is essential for anyone using a firearm, whether at the range or out hunting. There are numerous types of protective shooting glasses to choose from, including customized glasses with prescription lenses. The key is to always choose shooting glasses that are safety certified.

What are shooting glasses?

Shooting glasses are designed to be worn by people operating firearms. The difference between shooting glasses and regular glasses is that shooting glasses are designed with lightweight, impact-resistant materials. The glasses provide maximum bounce-back protection to shield shooters from ricochets and flying objects.

Eyewear for shooters is designed with a few extra features that make shooters more comfortable while using a firearm. The glasses are UV resistant and come in different tints for use in low contrast environments and dark conditions. They may also be hinged at the temple to allow for more flexibility and to accommodate recoil from the weapon.

Why are shooting glasses used?

Some shooters think it is acceptable to wear regular glasses on the range or in the forest, but it is not a good idea. Ordinary glass and plastic lenses can shatter on impact and may break into sharp pieces when hit by flying objects.

Shooting glasses are specifically designed to provide impact protection and shield the eyes from projectiles. Shooting activities are always in close proximity to the face, and with the possibility of ricochet bullets, recoil, ejecting shells, wind, and dust, it makes sense for shooters to wear protective eyewear.

Benefits of shooting glasses

Whether you are on a target range or in the woods, you can only shoot what you can see. The reason seasoned hunters and marksmen always wear shooting glasses is because they provide impact protection and enhance vision. First, shooting glasses shield the eyes from flying objects, ricochets, and projectiles. They also protect the eyes from harmful rays. Tinted shooting glasses are also capable of improving shooting performance. Many shooters choose to wear yellow or orange tinted glasses to block haze and improve their contrast sensitivity. Tinted lenses can also enhance colored targets and improve vision closer to dark.


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