Sport Sunglasses

If you think the only advantage of sport sunglasses is that they block glare from the sun, think again. There is a reason the world’s top athletes invest in special sports eyewear: it gives them a competitive edge by enhancing their vision. The good news is that sports enthusiasts of all levels can enjoy the benefits of sports sunglasses. Even people with refractive error can enjoy the benefits of sports sunglasses customized with their lens prescription.

What are sport sunglasses?

Sports sunglasses are designed to maximize athletic performance by enhancing vision. Different sports require different eyewear, but what all sports sunglasses have in common is that they: 

  • Protect players from harmful UV rays 
  • Diminish glare 
  • Enhance contrast sensitivity

The design of sports sunglasses is more streamlined than regular fashion lenses. Sports sunglasses are lightweight and shatter resistant. They are usually curved and contoured to the face to enhance side vision and to protect athletes from objects moving at high speeds.

Why are sport sunglasses used?

Good eyesight is a key factor in athletic performance. Athletes can gain a competitive edge if they are able to see with more clarity and accuracy than their opponent.

Sports eyeglasses protect against eye injury, but more importantly, they can enhance vision. Even people with perfect vision can benefit from the right pair of sports sunglasses. Here are just a few examples of how sports sunglasses can provide an extra edge: 

  • Tinted lenses can enhance contrast and help golfers better read the green 
  • Biking sunglasses can enhance a biker’s view of the trail ahead, even at high speeds 
  • Sports lenses can help baseball players, tennis players, and racquetball players follow the rotation of the ball as it moves

Benefits of sport sunglasses

Top athletes and recreational players alike favor sports sunglasses because they provide the following benefits: 

  • UV protection 
  • Reduced glare 
  • Higher contrast sensitivity 
  • Protection from eye injury 
  • Enhanced vision in different weather conditions


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